The fifth and final W Club doll revealed for 2018

The late start of the 2018 W Club year meant that we got the W Club doll releases crammed into the six last months of it. Hopefully the next year will be a bit more streamlined. This meant that members of the club got the notification for their last W Club offering in late January. The fifth and final Club doll is Eugenia, missing from the main collection so far, which should be welcome news to everyone. Jessy Ayala designed this doll, with only accessories and small details connecting her to Sacred Lotus and the Luxe Life Convention Collection. 


Item #91439

Secret Garden

Eugenia Perrin-Frost™ Mini-Gift Set

The Fashion Royalty® Collection

2018 W Club Exclusive

Approx. Shipping: Early Summer 2019

W Club Retail Price: $175.00 + S & H

Edition Size: TBD


Head Sculpt: Eugenia

Body Type: FR 6.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled

Skin Tone: Japan

Hair Color: Light Champagne Blond

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Two pairs of hands (one with long nails and one with the regular manicure);
  • Frothy, ruffled black tulle gown with a crinkle texture bodice, cinched at the waist by a narrow black ribbon belt;
  • Tan trench coat dress with drape and belt detail on sides;
  • Chocolate brown flocked hat with black grosgrain ribbon trim;
  • Black tulle neck scarf;
  • "Silver" cuff bracelet, chandelier earrings and statement ring with "diamond" and "pearl" accents;
  • "Silver" necklace with nature-inspired "diamond" and "pearl" stone charms;
  • Alternate pair of asymmetrical small charm earrings;
  • "Metal" clutch with sculpted leaf detail and skull clasp;
  • Pale nude "pearlized" faux-leather purse with quilted detail and "silver"/"diamond" flower charm;
  • Black and tan faux "patent leather" boots with "silver" zipper closure;
  • Black holographic glitter high heels with clear bead detail;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Offer Type: W Club Exclusive pre-order.

Participation Deadline: January 30th, 2019, Noon Eastern time.
Special Pricing: $175.00 USD + S & H per doll.($25.00 NRD deposit per doll due now, balance of $150.00 + S & H per doll due approximately early summer 2019).
Final Edition Size: To be determined, will be based on all pre-orders received.
Shipping Timing: Approximately early summer 2019.
Availability: 2018 W Club members only.
Order Limit: Up to 1 doll per membership.


A very beautiful doll to end the year. She’s not groundbreaking or different from older releases, but she’s a lovely doll with gorgeous clothes and lots of accessories, justifying the price tag. Even though generally I preferred the earthy and dark tones of Sacred Lotus dolls versus the eighties pink/blue ones of Luxe Life, in this case I would have gone for the latter.


Another peeve: black gown. We’ve had big black gowns in the past (even though I own none of them). The fashion runways are filled with bright or pastel coloured big frilly gowns - check out the recent couture shows for Spring 2019. Why black? Just think how much better this would look in blue, fuchsia, yellow or green. Or even a lightweight print muslin. And enough with the tan trench coat! Give us one in an unexpected colour, like white, lilac, pink or lemon! Or olive green!


It’s the kind of choices and details that distinguish a properly trained and educated experienced designer from a talented but still-findin-my-way-one. Merely copying runway looks does not help in forwarding your work by itself. Studying and researching needs to be constant and thorough. Even if, accidentally, you score the summer garden thread of the Couture collections now held in Paris. And yes, I did preorder the doll. She’s a keeper. But she could have been a holy grail.


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