The First Annual Tonnies! Nominations Begin

Tonner Dolls are presenting the Tonnies, awards for their dolls based on the people nominating them. Here is how it begins, the whole process taking place on their Facebook page:

Good Morning Friends!

Let the nominations begin!  We're accepting nominations for the FIRST TWO CATEGORIES ONLY: 

Best Dressed Male and Best Dressed Female! 

Please submit your nominations below, in the comments section (meaning the Tonner FB page).  You may nominate as many dressed dolls as you like!  Nominations will be accepted through Sunday, March 6th until midnight.  The nominations will be tallied by Team Tonner on Monday, March 7th, and the top three will go on to the next step, and be voted on beginning Tuesday, March 8th.

Note:  Remember, you may nominate dressed dolls from the 2010 ONLY.

Keep it here for more Tonnie Fun!