Glamdrama - a Sybarite auctioned for a good cause

Most fashion doll collectors are acquainted with Superfrock and their Sybarites - the avant guard resin fashion dolls with couture clothes that are very exclusive and coveted by many. As they did last year, they are helping the Italian Doll Convention raise money for a charity - this year it is the CasaOz, who provide multi-faceted support for families with sick children, ranging from providing them with practical advice on the technicalities of dealing with serious illness to providing a place for the kids and families to socialise. 

Of course, the best way to help is raise money by anonymous auction - and a OOAK Sybarite can do magic. Superfrock has made Gladrama, a one of a kind Venus d'Royce clone: 779, combining glamour and drama as the copy says, in a lush embroidered gold lace dress, up-swept Roman hairdo and accessories. She looks fantastic and the cause is even more fantastic. The auction link is here - last year they raised more than €12,000 for the cause, so it is bound to reach at least that again.

So let's see how the doll is described on the auction page:
For your consideration Venus appears in a vision of gold. Hand painted one of a kind doll bears Gen 3:4 body with clone# 0779 head. Pierced ears and hand rooted lace front wig in a tumbling cascade of multi-tone blonde curls. This DIVA is Glamorous, Dramatic and just so other worldly, with just an air of AMAZONIAN attitude. Gown is gilt daisy chain guipure pieced with tonal Chantilly lace and then drizzled in the most delectable of genuine swarovski components, sequins, seed beads and stones. A 3 dimensional confection comprising gown and bolero jacket in a symmetric asymmetry that along with couture techniques and fear defying glamour are signature SUPERDOLL. AUCTION INCLUDES: DOLL and all items shown.

Superdoll Collectibles is not responsible for the auction, they just made the doll offered.

Mommie Dearest - Integrity does Hollywood again

Most of you already know that Integrity has a Paramount licensing deal - that is how they got the Breakfast at Tiffany's and Funny Face dolls releases among others. This time around, the honoured film is Mommie Dearest, the 1981 biopic of Joan Crawford's life as an adoptive mother, played by Faye Dunaway. The doll is not made in the likeness of any of the two actresses but rather tries to embody the role spirit. 

Item # 14025
Mommie Dearest™
Official Collectible Doll Gift Set
Limited edition of 800 dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $150.00
Approximate Ship Date: Early July 2013

The gift set includes a 12-inch fully articulated vinyl doll (on the Integrity Toys body) with hand-applied eyelashes and rooted hair. The day ensemble is a tailored two-piece skirt suit, complete with hat and jewellery (earrings and a brooch), finished with a pair of black pumps.

The night outfit is a nightgown but she sports another head altogether for it! The set includes a doll body, two distinctive sculpts with QUICK SWITCH* feature, two complete costumes, a miniature wire hanger, two pairs of shoes, earrings, hat, doll stand and certificate of authenticity.

So you get a doll that has two interchangeable heads and two distinct looks. The nightgown looks really nice too - plus the second head recreates the look from the film, where the star is shown wearing her night beauty mask.

Below you can see the two ensembles in stills from the actual film:

The second look is really scary in the film - but only because of the expression of the star's face. The doll looks so much calmer! I really like the sculpt and the outfits of this one, she's a keeper. The head changing system looks promising, wondering how good it works up close. It will be featured on all future doll releases from Integrity Toys.

Please note that the photos are of prototype doll and accessories. Final product subject to changes and modifications. All information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2013 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.

Out Sass Vanessa Perrin

Vanessa Perrin is one of the most coveted characters in the Fashion Royalty universe of Integrity Toys. A couple of years ago, the change of her face sculpt caused many tantrums and ignited heated discussions in fashion doll collector forums and blogs. Last year, in their annual convention, Integrity released her third incarnation: a new sculpt that looks a bit like the first one, only slightly modified. Again, some collectors loved her, some did not. But getting that sculpt on a W Club exclusive doll was something that surely pleased many happy fans of this character. Me too, as it was a way to get the new sculpt and see up close how she fares compared to her older versions.

Her multi-coloured outfit was also much talked about. The use of green, purple and plum, combined with her fiery red hair surely caught many by surprise. She is wearing a plum skirt, topped with a tailored olive jacket and wrapped by an extravagant tonal purple faux-fur stole. Completing the look, she sports a pair of purple and fuchsia bracelets, a matching ring and drop earrings, a designer "leather" purse with two straps (short and medium length) and matching boots over a pair of olive (yes, olive!) fishnet stockings. Topping it all off is her retro-chic couture hat in a dark brown/plum colour, which is fixed on her head with a couple of pins (included).

First impressions out of the box: absolutely mesmerising! The bright colouring hits you right away but it is so well combined that I loved it immediately. It reminds me of French fashion, of YSL in the 70's and 80's. The fur stole can be fastened as seen on the photo above, but in that case it has to stay on top of her shoulders. The hat looks a bit mismatched (it looks more suited to a 50s Dior outfit) but not totally out of place on her head. The jacket and skirt are coming from a Zac Posen 2013 Resort design (raberry from W Club identified this):

This jacket though has a slim belt fastened at the waist, in purple, which looks amazing. And the olive green goes so well with her red hair. Her hairstyle is glamorous and sexy, and can also be altered without much trouble to change her look. The hair did feel slightly sticky though. She is my fifth red-haired Vanessa. 

Her face looks really good in this new incarnation of the character. She regained the open mouth of the first sculpt while getting a more defined nose and jaw line. This one looks better than the doll revealed in the 2012 convention and I think will become a classic FR doll. Her face paint is amazing - smoky eyes and pale rose lips are always a winning combination. The eyelashes at the bottom lids look much better in real life than they did in her promo photos. Her eyes and look remind me a lot of Lana Del Rey.

The earrings, ring and bracelets are matched perfectly, in fuchsia and purple. Although not the first colours one would think to put on a red head, they fit her look and outfit to a T.

Her skirt arrived a bit crumbled but this should go away with steaming. I was so eager to photograph her I could not bother to do that. But what is under that gorgeous jacket?

She sports a lovely lace top in plum and dark brown, which is another piece that could easily be used as a great separate to mix and match - like all the other pieces of this outfit. The top and skirt colour combination reminded me of the Bottega Veneta S/S 2013 ad below. And look at that amazing "patent leather" bag with its two straps and buckle. Another amazing piece is the huge ring. 

Let's take a closer look at the ankle boots - they have ties and also a mini zip at the back, to make them slide on easily. Amazing detail and look.

So yes, this is for me one of the best dolls IT released last year (she was the second FR W Club doll for 2012, we pre-ordered her back in November but only arrived in April 2013). If she is any indication of the dolls coming this year for the club, brace yourselves.