Fashion doll stories

From time to time, Integrity has contests about their dolls, which involve writing about particular situations involving one or more dolls from certain lines. I enter some of them (and have won a couple) but this time, I was a bit more inspired from the situations we were called upon to improvise. I find the two stories I wrote really interesting, so I thought I should post them here too for all to read (no, I did not win this time!).

Here is a story involving FR Veronique Perrin and searching for an outfit:
Hearing the door bell ring, as it did every time a customer entered the shop, I raised my head from the counter, where I had been folding a very expensive silk scarf, and looked at the woman that had just appeared. I almost gasped.
-Ms. Perrin, welcome to Velvet. What can I do for you? I immediately said, still not believing in my eyes. She walked towards me, with that famous feline walk, her sapphire blue eyes steady on mine, her lips almost smiling.
-A lot, if you please. I have a minor emergency in my hands and you can help me overcome it!
-Please let me know how, I smiled.
-I have an unexpected engagement tonight, a small cocktail party for a select few friends, thrown together by another, just because i'm in town. So I need something to wear, but not only that. I need the whole works: accessories, jewellery, the whole shebang!
I smiled. It was my lucky day: I could make her look like a million bucks and have a living advertisement of my boutique walking around a glamorous cocktail party. I tried not to show my excitement and lead her to the inner part of the shop: the lounge area. She sat down and I asked my assistant to serve her some refreshments. I immediately proceeded to pick a couple of elegant dresses I had received the day before: it looked like they were made for her.
-I think you should see these two first. I said, holding the dresses up for her to see. She left the china cup she was holding on the lacquered table and stood up. She approached me with a smile and picked the black one.
-Don't you think black would be too obvious?
-Not in this fabric, I replied. This is Balenciaga. It is wool crepe, but lined in neoprene. Look at the form.
She held it in front of her, while looking at the big mirrored wall opposite her. Framed with a gilded weathered huge wooden but simple frame, it reflected her image back at her.
-I must try this! she said excited! My assistant showed her into the dressing room and i stood waiting for her. When, after a few minutes, she appeared, I felt so good. I had chosen well. The slim elegant line of the dress, the list on her right thigh, the cut-out shoulders, all made her look like a super heroine ready to blast her enemies away. And God knows how many of these she has.
-I looooooooooove this! You're a genius! She winked at me and continued enjoying her look in the mirror. But we have to accessorize this!
-Not a problem, I said calmly. I went behind the counter and picked a small black pillbox hat, in a diameter much smaller than one would expect fitting on one's head. A huge black silk faille bow was tied on it, making it look like a bird ready to fly.
-Try this on!
To my surprise, she did just that. And loved it. My assistant helped her pin tha hat on her elegant and impeccable chignon: she looked amazing. But I already knew that. I handed her the Balenciaga strass necklace and bracelets that I had ordered for the dress. A match made in heaven. With the d'Orsay stilleto's in silver and black, with the thins straps crossing on her little elegant feet, she was ready to meet her friends and be the soul of the party. Any party!
-Thank you soooo much! she said as she air-kissed me, going out the door a while alter, with a smile. Send the things to my suite at the hotel... and please call me tomorrow! We simply MUST talk!
I waved her goodbye as she entered her limousine and was whisked away. As I closed the boutique door behind me, I knew another door had opened for me.
-Close the shop, I said to my assistant. We're going for lunch!
And of course here is the outfit in question (the hat I describe is less art, more fashion):

And here is the second story, this time about Gene Marshall and accessorizing her turquoise Colour Deal outfit:

As Gene Marshall entered the boutique, I rushed to assist her. It was not everyday she came here, but she was a regular customer and a very valued one at that. Having only been here a couple of months did not matter to her: she always asked for my opinion, frequently elaborating
on various fashion ideas. This time it was no different:
-I need you to help me pick some accessories for this turquoise dress, I think I have worn it with white a little bit too much! she said. It is an informal event but I do not want to look too casual.
The gleam in my eyes must have shown, cause she gave me one of those beaming lovely smiles only Gene Marshall could give.
-I might just have the thing for you, I replied. I went to the back of the shop and returned with a number of small elegant boxes. I placed them on the counter and started opening them one by one for her to see.
-See? First we have this elegant pair of the softest kid gloves you have ever seen, in black.
-Black? she asked. Isn't that a bit much?
-Of course not. It will make the whole dress look different, sharper, more glamorous. And you will also wear this matching belt with it.
The belt was made of patent black leather, shiny as jet, very thin, with a lovely silver buckle. The gloves had a similar miniature buckle on the wrist, matching them perfectly.
-Wow! I already see myself in this! And would you agree that I need something from the jewellery department to match these?
-Sure! I have just the thing, I replied, producing the most gorgeous jet brooch this side of the Grand Canyon. And we also have the earrings to match, I said, pointing to the smallest box on the counter. But you must pick a pair of fine pumps too.
-I think I see just what I need, she smiled. I followed her look and my eyes stopped on a gorgeous pair of high heeled slingbacks in patent leather. And guess what? They had buckles too.
-Must have ordered these with you in mind then, I said teasingly, going towards them to pick them up for her. And just look what else is in store too, I smiled.
I raised my arm and pointed to a shelf beside her. A lovely black raffia handbag with silver circular handles was resting on it, just waiting for her it seemed.
-I think I never was readier for my close up! she beamed at me. We had done it again! A perfect look for a perfect lady!
This is the photo that inspired me for the colour combination:

I hope you enjoyed the stories!