First W Club doll for 2021 revealed - Resort Ready Poppy Parker is going to Palm Springs!

Last year we saw the first W Club doll in August and this year it was again revealed this month but ten days later. For the very first time the club organised a live presentation, streamed on YouTube, with Carol Roth and Alain Trembley hosting. And again, just like last year, the first club doll is a Poppy Parker one! Talented IT designer David Buttry was inspired by the quintessential day in Palm Springs lounging at the resort hotel to design the gorgeous Resort Ready Poppy Parker, the first one in dark A-tone ever. Every 2021 W Club member is guaranteed the right to pre-order 1 doll per membership. This doll only counts as 1 of the 5 total W Club Exclusive dolls offered throughout the Club year (there are still 4 dolls left). We also heard that Darla will be put in hiatus for a while, as David is working on a new AA friend for Poppy. This could merit a separate post, as it is the second time this character is departing the line.


Item # 77211

Resort Ready

Poppy Parker® Dressed Doll

Poppy Parker® In Palm Springs Collection

2021 W Club Exclusive Doll

Edition Size: TBD

Expected Ship Date: Winter 2021/2022

Retail Price: $165.00

(Only $25.00 Due Now to Pre-order!)


Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker

Body Type: Poppy Parker

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled & Articulated Ankle

Skin Tone: Dark A-Tone

Hair Color: Black

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



12-inch articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

Robin's egg blue chiffon tunic dress, trimmed in gold embroidery with beaded details;

Blue and "gold" Mod earrings;

Faux-leather handbag with golden chain accent;

Cuff bracelet with Blue cloisonné detail and matching ring;

Golden, oversized sunglasses;

New! Fabulous vintage-inspired ice bucket and ice tong accessory;

"Ice cubes" for the ice bucket;

Tropical cocktail glass accessory;

Miniature liquor bottle accessory;

Metallic "gold" strappy low heels for articulated ankle feet;

Blue and "gold" pumps for high-heeled feet;

Pair of regular Poppy Parker hands;

Alternate pair of long manicured hands;

Doll stand;

Certificate of authenticity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only. Acrylic blocks and table in the pictures are display props only and are not included with the doll._77211_CU4.png

She’s a beautiful doll. Hair, make up, styling, dress, accessories are all perfection. And she’s in dark A-tone for the first time, making her even more desirable. The Palm Springs vibes are definitely there and she is the second addition to this collection, after the upgrade Poppy. David said the dress was inspired by dashiki, a mostly West African colourful garment, called kitenge in East Africa, which was worn by African Americans from the late 60s onward in various forms and styles. This one had the couture treatment, with lavish embroidery and a bright pastel blue colour. The hairstyle is much like that worn by Commanding Attention Poppy Parker, while her screening is the same as Kiss In The Shadows and Camera Loves Her but with different brows. Gladys Knight and Naomi Sims were inspiration sources for David as well. The only thing bothering me is that if you look at photos from Palm Springs in the era, you will not see any African American people lounging by the pools, playing golf or drinking in the carefully manicured lawns in front of the gorgeous modernist mansions. Because, apart from the rare AA artist, they were working as the help. The civil rights movement was in its peak, but definitely not in Palm Springs. AA Poppy in Palm Springs is just a fantasy: what should have been but wasn’t.


Offer Type: W Club Exclusive pre-order;

Pre-order Deadline: August 29th, 2021 at 9 PM Eastern Time;

Pricing (FOR W CLUB MEMBERS ONLY): $165.00 USD + S&H

($25.00 NRD deposit due now, $140.00 + S & H due in approx. Winter 2021/2022);

Approximate Shipping Timing: Winter 2021/2022;

Availability: 2021 W Club members only;

Pre-order Limit: Up to one (1) doll per each 2021 membership only.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only. Acrylic blocks and table in the pictures are display props only and are not included with the doll.

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