Jason Wu Velvet Rouge Eau de Parfum doll is the first new Integrity Doll for 2020

First post of the year and first doll for the year, at least for Integrity Toys. No, not the W Club registration yet, but another Jason Wu doll. This one combined with a fragrance, just like the Elyse Jolie Jason Wu fragrance doll back in 2018. The doll with the fragrance is again available only from NET-A-PORTER (link to the doll), but there is a silver lining this time: There will be a variant edition of the doll, sans fragrance, for the W Club members. The fragrance is a problem for shipping, as it is considered flammable and therefore will not travel by air.


It is Vanessa instead of Elyse this time, which is a plus. The dress is a jason Wu original from his Fall 2019 Jason Wu Collection. The real one is a great dress but the doll gown has transformed into a holiday Barbie dress - meh. Let’s read the club information blurb, below:

Photo: Laurence Ellis / Courtesy of Jason Wu Collection

Photo: Laurence Ellis / Courtesy of Jason Wu Collection

“To celebrate the exclusive launch of the new Jason Wu VELVET ROUGE Fragrance on NET-A-PORTER, Jason Wu created a limited-edition scented Vanessa Perrin doll wearing a replica of one of his life-sized gowns! Only available through NET-A-PORTER, the NET-A-PORTER x Jason Wu doll will be sold with a 3oz Jason Wu fragrance starting sometime on Friday, January 17th, 2020. As NET-A-PORTER has some shipping restrictions, and has been a challenge for some Club members to buy from previously, Jason heard your concerns and has ALSO created a 2nd, variation doll without the real fragrance exclusively for a W Club member lottery, which will take place later in March 2020 (will be made available for 2020 W Club members)! Information about the particulars of that variation doll will not be made available until the 2020 W Club year.”


Item #102311 

Jason Wu Fragrance: Velvet Rouge Vanessa Perrin® Dressed Doll

Edition Size: 350

Expected Ship Date: January 2020

Suggested Retail Pricing: Pricing Listed at Retailer (Must buy doll + 3 oz. fragrance together, sold as a combo)

Velvet Rouge Eau de Parfum, 90ml with doll: €396.80 (price from the retailer UK website)



Head Sculpt: Vanessa 1.0 

Body Type: FR 6.0 (With Velvet Touch Finish)

Foot Sculpt: High-heel

Skin Tone: Japan

Hair Color: Raven

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No


Jason Wu unveils Velvet Rouge, a seductive new tribute to femininity. Balancing between sensual and rich ingredients that entice the senses, Velvet Rouge embraces the sultry side of the Jason Wu woman. The faceted depth of Incense, Patchouli, and Golden Amber is balanced by the open vibrancy of Rose Centifolia and Peony for a voluptuous fragrance. To celebrate this occasion, Jason Wu has designed a very special Vanessa Perrin doll, which is sure to become a central piece of your collection.



12" fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

Meticulously re-created, miniature Jason Wu floor-length gown;

Show-stopping strappy heels with sheer bow ties;

Miniature Velvet Rouge Fragrance bottle accessory (no fragrance inside);


Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.


The obligatory allergy warning: ALLERGY ALERT This doll's package is scented with JASON WU fragrance oil (contained in a hidden scent pad inside a compartment of the packaging). Please take careful note of this if you have allergies or are sensitive to fragrance.


Once again a very expensive doll (even when deducting the perfume price) that even looks like recently released versions of Vanessa, like the Retrodimensional one or the Fame And Fortune one. The shoes are amazing, yes, but not for that price. And they did not even match the colour of the perfume bottle to the new one, it is like the old version. For that price, details matter dear Jason, you know it better than everyone. And no other accessories, I do not even see earrings! The box is nice. Reminds me of YSL Opium.


The W Club had some information to share:

The price will include a doll & 3oz fragrance (fragrance and doll NOT sold separately); Currently, the plan is that the offer is expected to go live on NET-A-PORTER.com on January 17th, 2020. We do not have a specific time, however, note that this may change and the offer may go live at any time during the day. As often, retailers don’t follow their release plans exactly. Please check their site at your discretion, since previous offers have gone up early. We understand this is inconvenient and have communicated that to them, but again, it is out of our direct or even indirect control and we don’t want you to miss out. Given the international shipping restrictions for this item (read the full email for more details), we also cannot confirm whether there will be any on the country-specific sites, so we recommend starting with NET-A-PORTER.com but perhaps checking their related country-specific sites just in case; There will be severe shipping limitations due to the presence of the fragrance in the set, as fragrance is considered flammable goods, which cannot be shipped to most international destinations via air. THIS OFFER IS RESTRICTED TO MOST US AND CANADIAN LOCATIONS, as well as select other locations where NAP has physical warehouses (i.e., the UK and Hong Kong). Unfortunately, NET-A-PORTER cannot ship this set everywhere internationally; exact shipping information will be available on the site once the offer goes live.

Velvet Rouge Vanessa Perrin doll and fragrance from the NET-A-PORTER website

Velvet Rouge Vanessa Perrin doll and fragrance from the NET-A-PORTER website

This is the notification for the shipping from NET-A-PORTER shipping details:

Due to transport restrictions, we are unable to ship pressurised or flammable items by air at this time. As a result, orders containing fragrance, nail and aerosol products must be delivered via our standard shipping option or our NET-A-PORTER Premier service (available in London). As we cannot deliver to certain postcodes, we suggest that you select a different shipping destination. Alternatively, you can contact our customer care team on +44 330 022 5700 to help you choose some other products you may wish to try. For more information or assistance in placing your order, please call customer care.

Velvet Rouge Vanessa Perrin doll box and fragrance bottle and box from the NET-A-PORTER website

Velvet Rouge Vanessa Perrin doll box and fragrance bottle and box from the NET-A-PORTER website

This is the description of the doll from the NET-A-PORTER website:

Jason Wu Beauty’s sultry second fragrance is an ode to femininity. With top notes of Pepper and Crushed Violet Leaves, this floral bouquet unfurls to a seductive Jasmine, Rose and Magnolia heart. As it warms on your skin, the rich base of Incense, Patchouli and Musk reveals itself. - Set includes one of the designer's famous dolls, this time wearing the showstopping finale gown from his Fall '19 collection.


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