The first W Club doll for 2022 appears so late that Mad Hatter left without her!

The 1st W Club Exclusive doll, one of the five that W Club members are entitled to as part of their membership, appeared later than any other time in living memory. Designed by IT designer David Buttry, she harkens back to the Fairytale convention, inspired obviously by Alice in Wonderland.


Item #77235

So Curious

Poppy Parker® Dressed Doll

The Poppy Parker® Collection

2022 W Club Exclusive Doll

Edition Size: TBD

Expected Ship Date: Spring / Summer 2023


Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker

Body Type: PP 1.5

Foot Sculpt: Articulated Ankle

Skin Tone: Cream

Hair Color: Light Blonde

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Price: $165 + S & H

Sales method: These dolls are guaranteed made-to-order for 2022 W Club members only- 1 per membership.

($50.00 NRD deposit due now, $115.00 + S & H due in approximately Spring / Summer 2023);


The Story:

Poppy had a fantastic opportunity to participate in a new ad campaign for "Drink Me" cola. She was so excited to be a part of the project! It would include not only a print ad for magazines but also a nationwide commercial! The theme of the campaign involved beloved storybook characters drinking the popular soda pop brand, and with Poppy’s love of reading and drinking cola, she thought this was the perfect fit for her. Once she stepped foot on the wonderfully decorated set and tried on her fabulous costume, she knew she had made the right decision!



12-inch articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

Whimsical floral printed dress with a tulle petticoat and matching floral-embroidered apron;

White tights;

"Wicker" and "leather" handbag with heart-shaped detail;

Heart-shaped stud earrings;

Bangle bracelet with heart-shaped charm;

Hair bow;

Black patent "leather" Mary Jane shoes;

Miniature stuffed rabbit;

Soda pop bottle accessory;

Pair of "Poppy Parker" hands;

Alternate pair of "grip" hands;

Doll stand;

Certificate of authenticity.


It seems to me that the first W club doll this year took forever to appear! Has it ever been this late before? Oh dear Alice you are so late that the White Rabbit looks positively punctual compared to her! I would have preferred a doll like this to appear either as part of Nu Fantasy or another themed collection - definitely not as one of our five club dolls. Adorable and cute as she is, she failed to attract my interest in acquiring her. Even reading the email was perfunctory. With pricing as it is now, I will have to pass on this - not something I usually do with club dolls. On the positive side, her face looks gorgeous and the screening looks new to me. People said that the rabbit can be found on AliExpress, so you can have one without the added doll costs. Alice has been done to death from all major doll companioes in every size and iteration possible, so adding another one to the list, beautiful as she is, does nothing for me.

So_Curious_Poppy_Parker_doll accessories

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only.

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