Bus Stop Darla Daley - swinging sixties!

As mentioned before in this blog, the 2012 Poppy Parker collection was mod themed. Darla Daley was no exception. One of the two Darlas released was added to my collection - she has already made a guest appearance in a previous post. Here she is in all her glory.

She is wearing a striped chemisier mini dress with white piping, taken directly from one Twiggy wore in the '60s:

As you can see in the sketch above, it is a down-pat reproduction even to the shoes and accessories. The gloves are substituted by a pair of painted hands which work nicely.

The outfit is completed with a gorgeous orange bag - one of the best in this line.

The white "eyelet" tights and "spectator" strappy shoes are pure perfection. 

She has very neutral colouring which suits her skin tone well, adding to the doll's versatility.

Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail which curls at the end. Cute spit curls are framing her face, a very nice touch that compliments her immensely! White hoop earrings finish the look.

In my opinion she is the best Darla released up until now and should be in everyone's collection.

Below she is wearing Poppy's She's Not There Avengers dress while Poppy gets to wear hers - a match made in heaven: