Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 advertising campaign: Kate Moss and a fashion doll

It seems fashion dolls keep fascinating more and more fashion people. The brand new advertising campaign of Alexander McQueen, shot by Steven Klein, one of my very favourite photographers, features not only Kate Moss modelling for the first time in a McQueen campaign (although she was very close to the late designer and founder of the brand) but also a fashion doll. And it is no ordinary doll too (how could it be?): it is a proper Kate Moss miniature, dressed in exact mini replicas of the outfits she wears in the photos featured in the campaign.

The doll seems to be in 1/6 scale, without articulation, made to look exactly like Kate Moss does in the photos, even down to the bright yellow hair. The outfits it wears look incredibly detailed and well scaled. I am jealous; I want all of the outfits for my dolls (would not mind having the doll too but non-articulated dolls are not a favourite in this house). Doesn't Kate look a lot like Tilda Swindon here? Can you imagine that doll?

There is also a small video clip made for the campaign, with a stalker following Kate around a dark and foreboding East London, with the doll in his hand. It is directed by Steven Klein as well, who returns to work with the brand after twelve whole years.

If you look at all the photos, some of them use the doll as a voodoo doll, with pins on its head. Steven Klein was inspired by the 1960s British thriller, Peeping Tom in which a serial killer murders women and uses a portable camera to record their dying expressions of terror. Morbid and fascinating at the same time. I love the way the doll looks in the campaign and covet the outfits. Sigh.

I have no idea who made the doll but I would not mind having it with the extensive miniature garment collection from McQueen! There is only one photo of the campaign without the doll - it's at the end of this post.

Jason Wu exclusive doll for Montaigne Market luxury boutique in Paris

Since 2005, Montaigne Market is a fashion check point on Avenue Montaigne in Paris,France. The 350 sq. m. shop, conceived by the architect Joannes Zingerlé in new tones of urban greys, blends some sixty international labels of clothes, accessories and bijoux selected by Liliane Jossua. From party dress to fur, from fine charms to studded perfecto jacket, Montaigne Market, the first multi-brand shop on Avenue Montaigne, offers a huge choice of ultra luxury and cosmopolitan styles. Jason Wu outfits are also available in the boutique. And now, an exclusive doll wearing one of his creations in miniature version will be too.

A mini version of one of his Spring 2014 looks, that Jason made exclusively for Montaigne Market store, will be available in a limited edition of 300 pieces during this spring's Paris Fashion Week. It will retail for 150 Euros (about $200).It will go on sale on the boutique's website as well at the end of February, so get ready!

This is not the first collaboration the designer has done with fashion boutiques. He has previously designed dolls for Colette, Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey. “It’s sort of my background, so it’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing to do this once in a while. I mean, I worked 10 years as a toy designer before I started my career as a fashion designer. It’s something I just fell into and really liked,” he said in an interview for WWD.

Apart from wearing a perfectly miniaturised version of a Wu original, the doll (she has the Elise Jolie sculpt) also carries a miniature of his Daphne clutch, wears true to scale versions of his shoes and has mini versions of the boutiques shopping bags as well. The style fits the "urban safari" theme that the main Fashion Royalty collection will have in 2014.

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