Fashion Royalty: Bewitching Hour Luchia - how fast can you say Madonna?

In late 2008, Integrity's high end doll line, Fashion Royalty (by Jason Wu, the designer that made US First Lady's Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball dress as well as the one she is wearing on the US Vogue March 2009 cover) gave the W Club it's second doll, Bewitching Hour Luchia. Upon seeing the pre-release photos, almost everyone agreed that she was channelling Madonna's current style. When the dolls started arriving and actual doll photos started to circulate, the impression was even stronger. Luchia was never my cup of tea - she has Isha's sculpt but a Caucasian skin tone (Isha is Indian) and I did not like that one either (have only one in my collection so far). But this re-incarnation was perfection: great skin tone, perfect make up, gorgeous outfit.

The actual doll looks even better than the prototype photos. Only the hair seems a bit stiffer (especially the top part) but that is something that can be corrected - making her in fact look more like Madonna. The resemblance is uncanny, as if the sculpt was made with her in mind. The outfit she comes in is breathtaking: a black coat with big lapels (they could have been just a bit smaller to have perfect proportions) fastened with a corset like belt at the waist, that comes over a salmon pink strapless mini dress, black leather gloves, gladiator knee high boots, black stud earrings and a chain and cross bracelet. Despite the black coat, no staining was found - and none was reported by other people that received the doll.

The corset belt is decorated with studs and ties in the back with silk ribbons. The faux leather is elastic, so that makes it easier to use it. The detail is amazing and I can see this accessory matching with many other outfits. Cannot wait to see this over a white shirt.

The make up is gorgeous. Her skin tone is not the usual Luchia one, but a slightly pinker tone than her usual porcelain skin - FR called it Blush. She has prominent black eye liner, skin tone eye shadow (it IS there, just a bit shiny on the upper lids) and a brown line in her eyelid crease. Brown eye brows frame her blue eyes perfectly. The blushing on her cheeks is perfect - barely there and looking very realistic. Her lips are painted a slightly darker pink than her skin, with a wee touch of gloss, finishing the neutral look in just the right way. Nails both on hands and feet are french manicured.

The detail of the bracelet is amazing. Chrome chain and matching coin-shaped medallions, with two crosses adding the Goth touch. The faux leather gloves are elastic and slip on the hands effortlessly. Their creasing is amazing, adding to the realistic look.

The gladiator boots are incredible. The faux leather ribbons are scaled perfectly, zipping up at the back so that the boots come on the legs easily. The buckles add to the effect and they have platforms too, making the doll stand slightly higher than usual. Female Darth Vader eh?

The pink dress underneath is strapless and micro mini. The top is ruched (micro-pleated according to FR) but this is the only detail that makes it special. It is good but not amazing. It does look like something Madonna would wear in the 4 minutes video clip, so it adds to the overall Madonna effect. This doll is one of the best releases of Fashion Royalty. I hope they keep releasing more like this.