Integrity Toys Dolly Days 2018 - what did they bring us?

Every year after Thanksgiving, Integrity Toys and W Club host a week called Dolly Days, where each day (except the weekend) has a new offering for club members. This year it was held a bit later than usual, keeping in line with the general “lateness“ of this club year.

The first day had replacement doll bodies on offer, FR, Nu Face and Hommes (the classic one). Unfortunately the Homme bodies were only white and Latino skintone, and I needed a black one for my poor Darius with a broken hip. I did get a Latino one for my tan Pierre with a similar problem, hopefully it will match. 

The second day had the lottery for Supernova Colette Duranger, who was very popular during the summer unveil. The following day was for another lottery, the one for Serenity Vanessa Perrin mini giftset. I took part in the latter and won! Seeing real photos of the doll from people that just got her makes me feel great about getting her, she’s one gorgeous doll.

The fourth day finally had a new doll: a new character added to the 59th Street line up. Aurelia Grey, the first non-Caucasian Doll in this line. 


Item # 73010

Midnight Kiss

Lady Aurelia Grey™ Dressed Doll

The East 59th® Collection

Approx. Ship Date: Mid to late January 2019

Suggested Retail: $135.00 US

Sold Via Authorized IT Dealers


Edition Size: 500

Head Sculpt: Aurelia (New Sculpt!)

Body Type: E59

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled

Skin Tone: Light Honey

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Halter neck blouse;
  • Impeccably tailored, 50's inspired skirt-suit;
  • Blue satin swing coat;
  • Structured straw hat;
  • Earrings and bracelets;
  • Pair of flesh-toned hands;
  • Pair of alternate, painted-on gloved hands;
  • Blue pumps;
  • Hand-bag;
  • Cocktail glass accessory;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

She is a gorgeous doll in a lovely outfit (although all her accessories are repeats) and if I was not strapped for funds, I’d get her in a flash. Maybe at a later date. She’s available from all Integrity Toys dealers. 


Item # 91445A

Divinely Luminous

Elyse Jolie™ Dressed Doll

Fashion Royalty®:The Sacred Lotus Collection

2018 W Club Exclusive

Approx. Shipping: Spring 2019

W Club Retail Price: $155 + Shipping

Edition Size: TBD


Head Sculpt: Elyse Jolie

Body Type: FR 6.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled

Skin Tone: Hungarian

Hair Colors: Dark Brunette

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Tulle gown with light gold sparkle threads woven in and petal patterned lace underlay;
  • Golden belt with detailed "gold" buckle;
  • "Gold" and "ruby" jeweled hair chain;
  • "Gold" and "ruby" statement earrings;
  • Seven "gold" bangle bracelets with "ruby" insets;
  • Two large "gold" bracelets with "ruby" insets;
  • Oversized "gold" statement ring with "ruby" inset;
  • Light "gold" metallic clutch with "jeweled" chain detail;
  • Pair of clear/light metallic pumps;
  • Alternate pair of traditional Indian inspired slippers;
  • Set of interchangeable Henna tattooed forearms and hands;
  • Alternate set of interchangeable non-tattooed forearms with removable pair of new long-nailed hands;
  • Set of interchangeable high-heeled lower legs;
  • Alternate set of interchangeable lower legs with flat feet;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Elyse as a W Club doll is great news. Elyse that looks a lot like another club Elyse? Not that much. Despite the different skin tone (Light Honey vs Hungarian for this one), she does remind me a lot of Seduicante Elyse from 2017. Plus she has a copy of Divinity Isha’s dress in a different colour. If you see the doll’s side by side though, they do look quite different.

As the photographs show her skintone quite darker than Hungarian, members of the club asked the liaisons and they confirmed that the different lighting causes it to show up darker. So the actual doll will be lighter in both skintone and dress colour. She has the same skintone with Divinity Isha, apart from sharing a dress design, even though the photos make them look different.

I did preorder this one, since I did not have Isha, as she wears it much better than her. Now we need another Isha in a proper luxurious sari or lehnga. Or both, as a great giftset. Please.


The dolls pictured are prototypes. Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. All photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2018 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.

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Doll Photography by Jayme Thornton. Layouts and graphics by Alain Tremblay, Marketing