Giselle Diefendorf makes a comeback as the 2nd W Club doll of 2022

How do I know that a doll is not to my liking? I procrastrinate befiore writing about it. It happened with the first club doll and, unfortunately, it happened with the second ione as well. And one that arrives so soon after her predecessor. This time we have a collaboration of David Buttry and Jessy Ayala, two really talented IT designers, with results that are far from overwhelming.


Item #82159

Primary Subject

Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll

The NU. Face® Collection

2022 W Club Exclusive Doll

Edition Size: TBD

Expected Ship Date: Spring / Summer 2023


Head Sculpt: Giselle

Body Type: NF 3.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled

Skin Tone: Japan

Hair Color: Raven

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Price*: $165 + S & H

Sales method: These dolls are guaranteed made-to-order for 2022 W Club members only- 1 per membership.

($50.00 NRD deposit due now, $115.00 + S & H due in approximately Spring / Summer 2023);


The Story:

Giselle Diefendorf is excited to be attending the opening of the hottest art gallery in London. She knows that she made the right fashion choice for the evening when she noticed that her ensemble complements the primary colors of the art exhibition.

Surprisingly, though, she thought the paparazzi would be all about the art, but was amazed to discover that she herself was the primary subject!



  • 12.5-inch articulated doll with long, rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

  • Custom printed, multi-color houndstooth, fitted mini dress;

  • Hooded bomber jacket with faux-fur trim, featuring custom printed lining that matches the dress perfectly;

  • Red "leather" handbag;

  • Yellow cat eye sunglasses;

  • Oversized geometric hoop earrings;

  • Matching houndstooth bracelet;

  • "Pearl" ring;

  • "Gold" chain choker necklace;

  • Electric blue tights;

  • Coordinating, tone-on-tone electric blue satin platform heels;

  • Pair of regular FR/NU. Face hands;

  • Alternate pair of "gloved" hands;

  • Doll stand;

  • Certificate of authenticity.


She’s a nice doll. In fact, I have been waiting for a pale skinned, darked haired Giselle for years now, to have a Glam Addict substitute. But this one is not it. The doll itself is very much like a basic doll. Minimal make up and plain, mid-parted long straighht hair. And she’s off to a London gallery opening? Girl, do I have some news for you! The dess has a cute print and quite a lot of stitch work on it, which is nice, but it all getrs lost in the print. In fact, the stitching on the print looks ugly. And to top it all of, they slapped a generic fur ltrimmed bomber jacklet on it. Plain chain chocker completes the look fittingly (yes, I’m being sarcastic). The only thing that elevates the whole look are the cobalt blue tights combined with matching platforms. I would have liked to see some colour blocking on the outfit too, instead of the print. Imagine this with a yellow dress and a purple or red jacket instead. The Versace bag is nice but cannot save this alone. I think this is the first time that i am passing two W Club dolls in a row.

Primary_Subject_Giselle_NU_Face_club_doll accessories

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only.

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