Stay Tuned Day 2: Poppy Parker as an alien!

The second day of the online Integrity Toys 2022 event in lieu of a convention, "Stay Tuned", gave us only one doll: Poppy Parker playing an alien commander, as designed by David Buttry. "Galaxy Girl", is supposedly a sci-fi drama featuring Poppy Parker playing Commander Yeto, “an ultra-smart pink-skinned alien girl who possesses a superior intellect and the power to communicate in any outer-worldly language she desires!”, clearly inspired by Star Trek. The doll is available through lottery for the W Club members - the edition is large, 3,000, so I am sure that most who want her, will get her. Of course there was a video and the corresponding TV title card for the imaginary show.

Introducing the new Galaxy Girl Poppy Parker created by David Buttry for "Stay Tuned", the 2022 Integrity Toys online special event


Item # 77238

Galaxy Girl

Poppy Parker® Dressed Doll

The 2022 Integrity Toys Event: Stay Tuned

Edition Size: 3000

Expected Ship Date: Should be in Stock and should ship once lottery winners have paid



Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker

Body Type: PP 1.5

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled & Articulated Ankle Foot 

Skin Tone: Spacey Pink

Hair Color: Azure Blue

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

MSRP: $185 + S & H

Special W Club RTB Winner Price*: $165 + S & H

Sales method: This is being sold to W Club members via a W Club right-to-buy lottery offer. Should any product remain after fully placing the lottery, it would then be made available to the public and for purchasing extras at the MSRP.

*Special W Club pricing is limited to one per membership


The Story:

With Commander Yeto at the helm of her shiny space vessel, the GALACTIC STORMER, no corner of the universe will lay undiscovered and no invading alien space force will dare try conquering planet Earth, the land that welcomed her with open arms! Poppy Parker stars as the ultra-smart pink-skinned alien leader, ready to explore the galaxy, discover new worlds, make contact with far-flung aliens, and when all else fails, keep them in check with her shiny ray gun!



  • 12-inch articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

  • Retro-futuristic two-toned metallic mini-dress uniform;

  • Futuristically fashionable chrome belt with oversized buckle;

  • Thigh-high chrome "leather" boots (for those outer-worldly away missions!);

  • Calf-high chrome "leather" boots (perfect to command the bridge of her spaceship!);

  • Galaxy hoop earrings;

  • Galactic signet ring;

  • Two retro-futuristic bangle bracelets;

  • Magnetized "command" insignia brooch;

  • Metallic blue "space command" exploration bag;

  • Bright chrome ray gun accessory;

  • Pair of "Poppy Parker" hands;

  • Alternate pair of "grip" hands (to hold her ray gun!);

  • Pair of articulated ankle lower legs;

  • Alternate pair of high-heeled lower legs;

  • "Stay Tuned" doll stand;

  • Certificate of authenticity.


After the grey skinned Poppy we got as an appetizer for the online event, back in August, now we have a pink skinned doll - with blue hair - offered. She looks cute but a. she reminds me too much of Out Of This World Poppy and b. Cute is not enough to qualify a doll for purchase in this household anymore - not with the prices we currently face (plus the expensive shipping and customs charges) and the general rise of expenses we face in everyday life everywhere. So cute little Miss Galaxy Girl will remain on her far away galaxy. I am curious to see how this hairstyle will survive packaging and shipping. I love that even as an alien, Poppy is so fashion obsessed that she has two different pair of boots to groove in!

Galaxy_Girl_Poppy_Parker_convention_doll accessories

Galaxy Girl

Poppy Parker®


The total special pricing per doll for W Club RTB winners will be $165 + Shipping and Handling. This doll should be in stock and ready to ship. RTB lottery winners will be expected to pay in full by December 16th, 2022 at Noon Eastern time or forfeit the right to buy this collectible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only. 

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