Jason Wu 10th anniversary collection new Elyse doll exclusively for Net-A-Porter

Jason Wu is releasing a very special collection of dolls this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his human-sized clothing line.  Each doll is done in an ultra-limited edition of 200 dolls per look, and features the "Elyse Jolie™" sculpt- one that Jason has called his miniature "muse". They are on the Fashion Royalty FR 6.0 body, wearing replicas of a variety of fashions from past collections.  These dolls are being distributed by Jason's company in conjunction with various retailers and, as such, neither the W Club nor Integrity are involved in the distribution in any way. If you remember, the first doll of the line, La Vie En Bleu Elyse, was the one made for Integrity Toys 2016 Convention attendees (blonde version) and the W Club members via lottery (redhead version) way back at the beginning of the year.


The first retailer to have a doll was Net-A-Porter: https://www.net-a-porter.com. Net-A-Porter has different websites for different regions, including North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, and they split their limited quantities (200 dolls) amongst those sites. The look is from Jason’s Spring Summer 2012 collection, seen below on the runway. Doll retailed for US$ 225.00.

Jason Wu S/S 2012, from Vogue Runway, photo Alessandro Garofalo, gorunway.com 

Jason Wu S/S 2012, from Vogue Runway, photo Alessandro Garofalo, gorunway.com 

The retailer said their VIP customers that have personal shoppers were able to pre-order the doll through the personal shopper and preview the doll early. For everyone else, the dolls went live early in the morning on October 13th. For their European or "International" site, the dolls were up at approximately 6 am UK time on 10/13. For their North America site, 6am ET on the 13th and for the Asia/Pacific site, 5 am Hong Kong time on the 13th. They ship to 190 different countries. The dolls sold out in minutes.


Here is the text from the retailer’s website: “Before he began his career in fashion, Jason Wu worked for 10 years as a toy designer. This limited edition doll is created with high-end specialists Integrity Toys and dressed in an acid-bright chartreuse gown from Wu's Spring '12 runway show. Fully posable with a display stand, this exquisitely detailed collector's item has glossy patent sandals, long eyelashes and coordinating red lips and nails”.


While I’m really liking the doll (like Fine Print Elyse with her hair down), the dress is not wow, even though the colour is a favourite. The double layering leaves something to be desired as the bottom layer is not ruffled as the top, making it look unfinished. Same goes with the ruffle itself, which does not transfer well to this scale. The only accessories are her shoes nice but we have seen them before), belt and earrings (great). 


I guess she was made not only to channel the exact Wu Fashion but to also appeal to buyers outside the fashion doll collecting community. The stiff poses of the photos (the first one, posing more naturally, was from the club email and not the retailer’s site, so I’m guessing that one is an Integrity Toys photo while the rest are Net-A-Porter), few accessories, no fuss dress and accessories (I bet the shoes will be on the doll) make it look that way. 200 dolls for a worldwide retailer. Not easy to get. 


Love her close up but someone forgot to fix the stray hair.


Am I the only one seeing bad sewing here?


Great shoes, I hope they are already on the doll to help non doll collecting buyers.


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