Integrity Toys at IDEX part III: Poppy Parker

It is no secret that Poppy Parker is probably the best selling series of Integrity Toys dolls. And of course they would have some new dolls to show at IDEX. The big news here is Poppy's boyfriend, Chip, who is making his first appearance, after a small sneak preview back in October and Integrity's convention.

Chips is presented as a gift set with his beloved Poppy. The set is called Baby It's You and Chip's full name is Chip Farnsworth III (so he's probably rich) and they're both in evening attire as they are attending a college dance. Chip looks very cute and will make a smashing couple with Poppy. Love his pompadour hair and his tuxedo. He is wearing suspenders!

Poppy Parker looks gorgeous too - even in such a puffy prom dress. Her shoes are to die for and so is her make up. If I see another stud earring I will scream. I like the price - US$150 for a two doll gift set is fine.


Moonlight and Kisses Darla Daley makes her appearance in an elegant long baby blue gown with matching shoes and clutch bag, a bracelet, studs (aaaargh!) and her very own microphone!The blue eye shadow is not to my taste but she looks beautiful. And the new Darla sculpt is not cartoon-y as the old one was. 

"What, only three dolls?" you may ask. Well, not exactly. Check out the following post for the surprise new endeavour that Poppy Parker finds herself into.