Integrity Toys 2012 release: FR - The Style Directive Collection

After the Perry Marino reveal, complete with the mention of his romantic link with Eugenia (oh those story lines!) Vaughan then proceeded to present the new Fashion Royalty®: The Style Directive Collection. As the storyline has again started to advance, the story-cards for these latest dolls are going to be sent to W Club members with a notice closer to when these dolls are being shipped. This was one of the collector requests that IT fulfilled, making a lot of people happy. So let's see the dolls - Vaughan said the collection is inspired by the 40s-50s styles, albeit with a more modern look and feel.

Item #91296 Always On Her Mind Dania Zarr™ Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 450 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early July 2012

Dania Zarr looks a bit like Marilyn Monore in her retro, high-contrast black and pink outfit. The peplum is the basic element (here attached to the skirt), one of this springs staples at the fashion runways all over the world. She looks great, has a very soft face, lovely hairstyle (Lana Del Ray comes to mind). Her yellow bag is amazing and her jewellery original and stylish. Lucite heels for the shoes.

Item #91297 Trust Your Instincts Jordan™ Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 300 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early July 2012

Jordan is one of my favourite dolls and her third incarnation does not disappoint: dressed in an ivory skirt topped by an ultra feminine short-sleeved light chartreuse satin blouse and accessorized with gold and cloisonné jewels. Her looks is mirroring Dania's style (peplum - attached to the top this time,  separates, same design in jewellery) and Vaughan said the clothes are interchangeable - a thing they tried to achieve with the whole collection, much like last year. Her strong make up might alienate some, but I love her and hope to get her. Look at that incredible bag! She has a lighter skin tone than her previous releases.

Item #91298 Your Kind Of Model Kesenia™ Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early July 2012

Kesenia is one of the most talked about dolls - many people dislike her open mouth, others feel she is a Vanessa usurper, after Van got hers closed. Some could never warm up to her vampire pale complexion. But look how thing change! In this edition of the character, Kesenia has the Japan skin tone, has much softer make up and hair, transforming into a dead ringer for Poesie Sans Couler Vanessa. She wears a translucent embroidered chiffon cocktail dress over a pink strapless sheath dress, a very modern shaved faux-mink fur jacket and perfect finishing touches to complete her look. The embroidered clutch is amazing, her shoes are black leather sling-backs and the rhinestone jewellery looks great on her.

Item #91299 World On A String Eugenia Perrin Frost™ Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 500 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Mid August 2012

Oh Eugenia! Look at her! Sophia Loren? Lauren Bacall? Susan Hayward? All of that together? A very 40s look for this beloved character, who in the current story line is causing a scandal, pairing up with Perry Marino, Natalia Fatalé's ex! Eugenia's fashion includes a knee length skirt with a way-up-there slit, an ultra-feminine chartreuse dobby weave blouse, a tweed and fur jacket cinched at the waist by a shiny patent leather belt, with removable fur-collar and matching large brimmed hat. Her shoes have transparent sides, a look that Christian Louboutin has already made popular for Spring. She has a gorgeous bag, chartreuse earrings and ring(a gift from Perry?) and a nice silver bracelet.

Item #91300 Main Attitude Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Mid August 2012

Adèle Makéda's sculpt changed last year, she is now in her third incarnation! The convention doll was not to my liking; she looked way too soft and subdued to match the fierce and feisty character I loved and collected for so long. But now they got her right! She is smashing in this release, reminding me the style of Natalia Femme Du Monde from the Pompadour collection. Her sophisticated two-piece ivory ensemble is completed by a dramatic short "fur" wrap. The skirt has a lovely flourish at the hem and the top is very sexy. The whole outfit looks like a "cleaner" version of a McQueen ensemble from their S/S 2012 collection. Her bag looks very much like a new Louis Vuitton style! We've seen the jewellery before but she must have one fault! Will try to get her!

Item #91301 The Sweet Smell Of Success Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll Suggested Retail Price: $110.00 US Limited Edition Size: 500 Dolls Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early August 2012

Véronique Perrin keeps showing up with a face in varying shades of pink since she returned, with almost alarming consistency. It looks good on her, so why change it?  Here she reminds me of Festive Decadence Agnes, but much softer. Her black and pink dress with the soft lace accents looks cute. The rose-flower jewellery is again a re-hash but I guess this helps keep prices down. We did not get a photo of her accessories - the bag looks amazing. If I did not have Agnes already (and two new Veros from last year) I would try to get her.

Item #91303 ...And Another Thing! Kyori Sato™ Gift Set Suggested Retail Price: $150.00 US Limited Edition Size: 400 Gift Sets Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early August 2012

Kyori Sato has has sculpt changed - and I think it is for the best. The collectors think so too, she is sold out already! It is the most successful sculpt change I have seen Integrity do, as the doll is still Kyori but looks more defined and fresh. If only all sculpt changes were this good. She comes as a gift set that features multiple looks: they include a belted mermaid evening gown with plunging neckline and a draped and sewn up skirt (which looks way too busy for me), an two-piece suit with removable fur collar (that draped skirt is awuful) and a sexy lingerie set.Her accessories include a magnificent weave leather bag (Bottega Veneta comes to mind), gladiator shoes (these must be finally put to rest), big chunky pink single gemstone earrings and a matching ring. Her two-tone hair colour and hair style is also not a win for me. So, while I love the sculpt, I will wait for a future release.

So generally we saw a very strong collection, coherent, stylish but a bit conservative (which probably is what people want anyway). From the mention of Art Deco and the 40's, I was expecting a more defined and pronounced shoulder line, much like the fashion runways in real life have shown. But still this looks good, the bags and accessories are back and the prices are kept relatively low, which is even better! The only thing missed was Vanessa. Where is that girl?

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