Dior makes their entire Automn/Winter Haute Couture 2020 in miniature along with their real counterparts

Miniature use in couture is not something new. Ever since people started coveting other people’s clothes and style and wanting to emulate them, the use of miniature replicas of outfits has been essential in communicating fashion changes and styles to people far from the original clothes makers or style setters. Miniatures of real outfits were making the rounds among royal courts in Europe and abroad, so that people could copy the latest styles worn by royal families, who were the original fashion influencers in centuries past. Later, fashion makers such as Worth, would make miniature outfits from their collections to showcase them to clients abroad. There were no photographs back then! And of course, the most characteristic example would be the Théâtre de la Mode, a traveling exhibit featuring miniature, doll-like mannequins wearing French designers' latest creations, showcasing them to people after WWII.


Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, showcased in an exclusive film

Dior has used miniature couture in the past as well. They have made spectacular exhibitions with them in China, placed them in boutique windows or used them as part of the Dior latest series of exhibitions in the world’s big museums. They even use them sometimes in the ateliers. And with the world in a crisis from the pandemic everywhere, the line was drawn from the Théâtre de la Mode to this year’s presentation: not a runway show, but a film (shown above) showing the miniatures and their real-life counterparts in a mythical setting and story.

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

The collection was inspired in large part from five women Surrealist artists: Lee Miller, Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Dora Maar and Jacqueline Lamba. Maria-Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of Dior women’s collections, chose to produce thirty-seven miniature haute couture silhouettes, embodying the quintessence of the excellence in the Dior Ateliers. An audacious feat for the petites mains (the atelier workers) who, once again, rose to this virtuoso challenge through a demanding, infinitely meticulous dialogue with savoir-faire.

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Working on a small scale offers the opportunity for Dior’s crafts people to re-embrace and elaborate on precious techniques – such as embroidery and hand-pleating to the nearest millimetre – but also to transpose, on mannequins measuring precisely fifty-five centimetres high (1/3 scale for those wondering), the essentials of tailoring: from white toile (which is the first draft in 3d) to the sumptuousness of draping; from buttoning to the precision of linings; from cut-outs to the rich diversity of fabrics; to miniature labels bearing the Dior logo. Six looks have also been created in life-size versions, based on scale models. I can understand not making more as there was no actual show and getting clients to see the outfits up close (which is what they do in Couture runways and afterwards, in the salon), order and have it made sur-mesure (custom made) sounds quite daunting in the covid-19 world.

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Photograph courtesy of Dior

Lucky us then that get to experience the creation and display of these miniatures, even only in film. Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone has created an almost perfect fantasy (casting director I’m looking at you for only casting caucasian models) so we can covet those miniatures for our doll collections. Below is a slideshow with more photos of the miniatures and their incredible details.

Integrity Toys Dolly Days finale pt.2: Fashion Royalty Retrofuture 2019 Collection reveal

The second collection unveiled on Saturday was a three doll Fashion Royalty Collection designed again by Jessy Ayala. The collection is inspired by various things: Thierry Mugler’s robotic body armour outfits, Daphne Guinness, Dior, the artist Fecal Matter, Balenciaga, Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen. Lots of influences, combined in various ways, with an almost impeccable result. They fit great with the Anika Luxottica Dasha from the IFDC 2016 convention. If the dolls were more, I’d have a serious budget problem. And contrary to the NuFace collection before it, this one is justifying the prices attached to the dolls. Two of them are available through IT dealers (Vanessa and Adéle), one is the event doll, available only to W Club members for preorder (Dania). I love this collection so much, I got them all!


Item # 91464

Retro Dimensional

Vanessa Perrin® Dressed Doll

The Fashion Royalty® Collection: RETROFUTURE

Expected Ship Date: Late-Spring/Early Summer 2020

Suggested Retail Pricing: $160.00


Edition Size: 1000


Head Sculpt: Vanessa 1.0

Body Type: FR 6.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled Foot

Skin Tone: Hungarian

Hair Color: Chocolate Brown

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

  • Intricately engineered, high-gloss red patent "leather" cocktail dress with decorative grommet detailing at the hem and dramatic, oversized, detachable bow at the back, cinched at the waist by a perfectly matched belt;

  • Chrome plated, full-metal, die-cast robotized armor coverings;

  • Pair of robotized gloved hands;

  • Pair of regular flesh toned hands;

  • Fiber optics inspired chrome metal magnetized choker necklace;

  • Chrome finish earrings with cloisonné highlights;

  • Oversized, chrome finish duo-toned sunglasses;

  • Flamboyant red patent "leather" shoes with chrome spiked heels;

  • Metallic red, embossed clutch purse;

  • Stand;

  • Certificate of authenticity.


What an amazing Vanessa is this? The doll, using the 1.0 sculpt, immediately reminded me of AFL Vanessa. The Hungarian skintone is a first for this sculpt I think. It goes well with her make up as well as the colour of her outfit. And what an outfit! The dress is the one made and worn by the artist Fecal Matter, who in turn was inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends dress. Only now it is red and has grommets as decoration, which I remember seeing on old and newer Versace outfits. Remember that the bow is detachable. And with Marilyn and retrofuturism combined, you can’t not mention the work of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, with his sexy robotic pin ups. The thunderbolt pumps are very Thierry Mugler, as are the metallic hands and arm bands. The sunglasses remind me of vintage Alain Mikli styles. Good thing that she has three pairs of hands: regular, holding and robotic. I added a slideshow below, to help you see the various influences.


Item # 91463

Neo Look

Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll

The Fashion Royalty® Collection: RETROFUTURE

Expected Ship Date: Late-Spring/Early Summer 2020

Suggested Retail Pricing: $160.00


Edition Size: 900


Head Sculpt: Adèle 2.0

Body Type: FR 6.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled Foot

Skin Tone: Nubian

Hair Color: Dark Brunette

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

  • Soft, romantic, yet fashion forward two-piece ensemble composed of a multi-layered tulle skirt and futuristic inspired, elaborately constructed jacket;

  • Show-stopping, techno embossed chrome finish pleather saddle clutch purse;

  • Fiber-optic themed chrome plated jewelry set composed of a magnetized choker necklace, earrings and ring;

  • Pair of robotized gloved hands;

  • Robotized finger ring attachments;

  • High-chrome finish sunglasses;

  • Pair of alternate, flesh-toned hands;

  • See-through vinyl and chrome finish high-heeled shoes;

  • Stand;

  • Certificate of authenticity.


A gorgeous Adéle is the second doll in this collection and is one of the best Adéle dolls ever released. Nubian skintone? Check. Beautiful make up? Check. Great hairstyle? Check. Amazing outfit? Check. Brilliant accessories? Check. She could be a Christian Dior modelfrom the John Galliano era, with that modernised Bar Suit silhouette. And, not that Jessy could have had an advanced look at the new Ivy Park collection that Beyoncé is dropping next January, but the jacket could easily have been part of it, from what I have seen in the photos of her in the January 2020 Elle magazine. The bag is the metallic version of the Dior Saddle bag that designer Kim Jones debuted on the Pre-Fall 2019 Men collection, in collaboration with - guess who? - Hajime Sorayama! Pity this bag is not metallic; its real life counterpart was and cost a breathtaking $35,000! There are only ten of them in the world, one being owned by KKW. Jones has been obsessed with Sorayama’s work for years and he had him do a special installation of his robotic woman statue for the show. The metallic hands are again Mugler. I made a slideshow with all the references, check it out below.


Item # 91462


Dania Zarr™ Dressed Doll

The Fashion Royalty® Collection: RETROFUTURE

Expected Ship Date: Late-Spring/Early Summer 2020

Retail Pricing: $175.00


Edition Size: TBA


Head Sculpt: Dania

Body Type: FR 6.0

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled Foot

Skin Tone: FR White

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde With Black Streak

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

  • Dazzling chrome plated, magnetized two-piece bustier with "diamond" detailing;

  • Extravagant, intergalactic inspired, floor-length ruffled overcoat;

  • Intricately engineered thigh-high chrome finish gladiator boots;

  • Chrome finish gauntlets and robotized gloved hands;

  • Fitted, magnetized chrome finish neck piece;

  • Futuristic chrome plated earrings;

  • Newly designed mirror-chrome finish sunglasses ;

  • Alternate pair flesh-toned hands;

  • Stand;

  • Certificate of authenticity.


The pièce de résistance of this collection (and the whole week in general) is Mothership Dania Zarr. She is incredible. Inspired by the Alexander McQueen friend and muse, Daphne Guinness, the Mugler robotic bodysuits and a Balenciaga coat, the doll stands out from the rest. I love the Daphne Guiness inspiration, she is one of my favourite fashion people and I love the idea of having a doll inspired by her. She has been photographed wearing lots of incredible McQueen originals by the greatest photographers. Her trademark streaked hair are like the ones Dania is sporting. The outfit is based on the Mugler robotic outfits, taking elements from all of them - he has done quite a few, with the most famous being the one worn by model Emma Sjöberg both on Mugler’s catwalk and in the George Michael videoclip Too Funky (watch it below). And the bodice and arm covers are made of metal. The coat is inspired by Balenciaga (Jessy mentioned it in a video accompanying the email presentation). Cristobal Balenciaga had designed a short coat in this style, which Nicholas Ghesquière redid for the storied house into a dress, many years later. The belt is from the Christian Dior Resort 2019 Collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri. The boots are surprisingly not Mugler but Tom Ford Spring 2013. And the sunglasses are from Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Fall 2012 RTW collection, bringing it full circle back to Daphne Guinness. A tour de force. If you’re not a W Club member, you will have to wait till next year to get it on the secondary market. The price is higher than the other two dolls but she fully justifies it. There’s the slideshow with the references below.


Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. All doll photos, unless otherwise stated, and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2019 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission. Fashion Royalty, NU. Face and all other character marks followed by ™ or ® are trademarks of Integrity Toys, Inc. Chesapeake City MD USA 21915. All rights reserved. The W Club is a trademark of Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Doll Photography by Jayme Thornton. Layouts and graphics by Alain Tremblay, Marketing.

Tonner Doll Toyfair 2018 reveals

It was good to see that among the other toy companies participating at The New York International Toyfair this year was Tonner Doll, with many new releases, either already announced (but not seen) dolls, final versions of dolls that had already been previewed sometime ago or first time appearances. amazing and it was so great to see and hear about everything that’s happening in the doll world. The dolls and accessories shown below include everything showed at Toyfair with a couple of new additions. When you click through to the site there are buy buttons on many of the items in this release, if still available. Some are shipping now and some have projected availability dates in the future. Please be aware that if you add one of those items to your cart and complete the transaction, you will be charged for all the items now and they’ll ship as they become available. Tonner Doll allocated limited quantities on some items to their direct sale inventory and once they are sold the only way to obtain them will be through one of the Tonner Doll retailers, should they have availability left. Let’s check the dolls out!

T18DCDD01 Wonder Woman-Training Armor - $210.00

Featuring a portrait sculpt of Gal Gadot with hand painted details, this ¼ scale figure on the new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body, is heavily articulated and outfitted in a replica of the Themyscira training armor as worn in the Wonder Woman movie. The removable molded armor is movie accurate and hand painted. “Bracelets of Submission” and three sets of hands (relaxed, fists and gripping) are included with this figure. Diana’s sword, shield and fully adjustable base are available separately. Features mink colored saran hair in a long braid and dark brown eyes. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


Another great Wonder Woman doll, again very accurate and detailed. I wonder how many of the people who got the first one would get this one too.She comes without the stand, which is always a problem. Would I buy just the outfit? Maybe. But, there’s a second version of this one...


T18DCGS01 - WW Training Armor Deluxe Set - $310.00


Featuring a portrait sculpt of Gal Gadot with hand painted details, this ¼ scale figure on the new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body, is heavily articulated and outfitted in an exacting replica of the Themyscira training armor as worn in the Wonder Woman movie. The removable molded armor is movie accurate and hand painted. “Bracelets of Submission”,  three sets of hands (relaxed, fists and gripping) , her mythical sword, shield and fully adjustable base are included with this ultra-limited set in a custom, collapsible box. Features mink colored saran hair in a long braid and dark brown eyes. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


Same doll as before but with all her weapons added, apart from the lasso. We get to see the lovely braided hair at the back here, great job. 


T18DCDD03 - Wonder Woman Variant # 1 - $275.00

The new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body has 15 points of articulation and Gal Gadot’s likeness is captured in detail. Saran is used to create lifelike hair set off with an accurate, highly detailed tiara. Accurately sculpted depicting her movie costume, the WW armor consists of a molded breast plate with a genuine leather battle skirt; her armband and “Bracelets of Submission” are made of real metal. Wonder Woman carries her golden lasso in a genuine leather harness. Boots are made of detailed vinyl and resin.  Figure comes with changeable open hands, fists and gripping hands. Fully adjustable Wonder Woman themed stand, sword and shield are available separately. Wonder Woman has mink saran hair and dark brown eyes. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


Third WW doll. She’s like the first release, with the cape added. I don’t like the cape, always thought it looks out of sync with the rest of the outfit. The cape is sold separately as well, for those who have the first doll and want to add it. Still no stand. I really don’t like this policy with dolls. They all should come with a stand, so the buyer can display them properly. Making people buy them separately does not look nice, to me at least. 


T17DCOF01  Wonder Woman Gala Gown Set (outfit only) - $109.00


Featuring an asymmetrical plunging neckline, and draped accurately to reflect the 1918 period, the gown is completed with a train and, in true Amazonian warrior fashion, Diana conceals her “God Killer” sword, which is included. Matching blue pumps (authorized by Warner Bros.) are included should you choose to dress another Tonner doll in this outfit. As Shown on WW#1 with an updo. Shipping Mid-March.


This is one of her outfits I really wanted to have. The sword does look plastic in the back photo but I’ll wait to see it in real life. Could not preorder it fast enough. 


T18DCOF01 Wonder Woman 2018 Black Cape (outfit element) - $50.00

Replicating the one from the 2017 movie, this version is complete with a hood and arm holes and the chevroned elements are top-stitched to accentuate the accurate detail. As shown on WW#1. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


And here’s the cape, as sold separately. Meh.


T18GWDD01 Scarlett O’Hara BBQ dress (dressed doll) - $235.00

Scarlett’s chiffon gown, emblazoned with green floral sprays and highlighted with a deep green satin sash, is further accentuated by a wide-brimmed straw hat with a generously proportioned matching green satin tie. The outfit is complete with a petticoat, pantyhose and green “velvet” pumps. Featuring the 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body and new Vivien Leigh portrait sculpt with green eyes and mink saran hair. Acrylic base stand included.  Limited Edition 300 Shipping Mid-March.


I wonder why did Robert Tonner feel the need to make a new sculpt for his Scarlett dolls. It does not look like Vivien Leigh at all and it’s harsh and square looking, compared with the previous sculpt. She looks more like Heddy Lamar would have looked had she gotten the part. And that’s no 17” waist, fiddle dee dee.


T18OTDD03  (previously T17OTDD03) Jamie Fraser  (dressed doll) - $235.00 (PROTOTYPE)

A portrait sculpt of Sam Heughan, the actor portraying Jamie Fraser in the TV series Outlander, by Robert Tonner, authorised by the licensor. Jamie is wearing a monochromatic but elegant black suit and striking white dickie and cuffs, brocade vest, stockings and black knee high faux leather boots, from the episode where he makes his formal entrée to French society, attendind the levee at Versailles hosted by King Louis XV. Offered on the 17" “Matt” body with Jamie’s deep rich auburn hair and blue eyes. Acrylic base stand also included.  Limited Edition 500. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


We had already seen a peek of this sculpt months ago, when a photo partially showing the doll was posted on social media and now we have the full monty. He looks a lot like the actor, the outfit is gorgeous and I’m so glad I preordered him way way back. Only thing I don’t like: the boots that look plastic (the description says faux leather) and cheapen the whole look. He’s has a larger edition than Versailles Claire had, so that’s good, I hope that his body is tall enough to stand next to Claire, who, lest we forget, has Wonder Woman’s body. I will be able to tell sooner, rather than later, since the first WW Doll is almost here and I have a few Matt Tonner dolls to measure them against her.


T17OTDD04 Claire’s New Look (dressed doll) - $235.00

Claire and Christian Dior converge as she re-interprets 18th-century fashion with a version of Dior’s 1940’s “bar suit”. The bespoke off-white satin jacket and floor-length black satin skirt are accented by sparkling faux diamond earrings, white gloves, stockings, family crested bag and bow-front black pumps. The outfit also features a black straw hat which completes the ensemble. Claire’s New Look is on the  16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body and has a Robert Tonner portrait sculpt of Caitriona Balfe with mink saran hair color and ice blue eyes. Acrylic base stand also included. Limited Edition 300. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


La pièce de résistance! That’s the outfit I most wanted to have Claire in, even more than the red Versailles dress! The genius of Terry Dresbach, Outlander’s costume designer shines through in all of her work for the series, but so much more in this particular outfit. A 40s woman, getting her clothes made in 18th century France, presaging the New Look that would debut a few years after her first time travel. Brilliant. Preordered already!

Le Petit Théâtre Dior - Haute Couture in miniature

On the 31st of May, Dior unveiled the exhibition Le Petit Théâtre Dior in Chendgu, China (open until the 20th of June). It is the first stop of this travelling exhibition, inspired by Théâtre de la Mode, a 1945–1946 touring exhibit of fashion mannequins, approximately 1/3 the size of human scale, crafted by top Paris fashion designers. Now, for the house of Dior, twelve installations retrace the history of the House and present miniature versions of the Bar suit, the dresses Schuman, Muguet, Miss Dior and many more. Minutely sewn to the millimetre, they resemble the originals down to the tiniest detail. It's not just an exhibition that's heading off around the world, it's the Dior spirit that's travelling, too.

So why is Dior making these miniature dresses, crafted with full-scale precision? "In a time when everything is tending to the machine. Dior should be more like an artisanal laboratory than the ideal of a factory" Christian Dior wrote in his memoirs. Even before founding his own House, the couturier recognized that the noble professions exercised by the artisans were inseparable from Haute Couture.

Pale pink and white silk bustier ball dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence for the 2013 Academy Awards.
Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013

At the time of the original Théâtre De La Mode exhibition, Christian Dior himself was working for Lucien Lelong, a venerable French fashion house and it is believed that he had a hand in making some of the original dresses. In the modern reinterpretation, even at only a third the size of the original model, each miniature dress in the Petit Théâtre Dior is produced with the master's exacting standards: based on a cotton toile in the purest Haute Couture tradition and with the same precision and rigour as the magical creations worn by Dior's clients.

J'Adore: Backless dress in nude-coloured silk chiffon, Belle Epoque gold necklace.
Special creation, 2011 for Dior perfume ad.

In couture ateliers time seems to stand still: embroidery is done by hand, as in the 18th century (and mostly in specialised small firms such as Lesage), miniature silk fabric flowers are made by hand, with delicate precision almost matching a neurosurgeon:.one can see them on the original Miss Dior dress, designed in 1949, as well as on the miniature version,made especially for this exhibition. To achieve this result, le petite main carries on as part of a long legacy; fabric petals are cut out by hand with a punch tool and the embossing is done with a period tool. Then both are fixed around a brass stalk to make the final flower.

The detail is so breathtaking that it seems the miniature dresses are even more exquisite and precious than their life-size counterparts. I wish I could have all of these made for my dolls and photograph them as couture models of this era. What a lovely assignment that would be.

White organza evening dress embroidered with “Pointillist” layered chiffon.
Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2012.

Aventure: Black wool button-up skirt, black-and-white hound’s-tooth jacket with gored back.
Haute Couture Spring-Summer 1948, Envol line.

Opéra-Bouffe:  Short evening dress in candy-pink silk taffeta.
Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 1956, Aimant line

Schumann: White silk tulle ball gown trimmed in Valenciennes lace. Cascade of Dior roses at the back. Haute Couture Spring-Summer 1950, Verticale line.

Display at the exhibition - notice the oversize thimble and pin cushion contrasting the miniature dresses.

LE PARI(S) MERVEILLEUX! - If it's Paris, it's fashion - and dolls too!

For 11 years running, an incredible alchemy takes place, bringing together, around a common goal, the worlds of Fashion, Art and International Cooperation. This meeting between the greatest fashion designers, artists and renowned jewellers gave birth to a major event: the Frimousses Creators.

Lanvin par Alber Elbaz - Lot n°39 Edith la parisienne 

For the 11th edition of "Frimousses de Créateurs", artists and designers reveal "Pari(s) Merveilleux" with a pun in using the word Paris, that can be also translated as "The Bet (S) Wonderful!" (Pari=bet, stake). The 2013 UNICEF France event pays tribute to the city of light, the one that hosts art and fashion icons alike, which is Paris of course.

Christian Dior - Lot n°28 Isis

For over 10 years , Paris is the setting of "Frimousses de Créateurs ", another way of contributing to the education and mobilization of the public for children's rights and protection. This major event in Paris enables UNICEF to fund immunization. Each year, designers and artists support a generous bet"": vaccination of the children in Darfur. With their imagination and creativity, each designer offers his version of "Pari(s) Wonderful": magical, incredible, turbulent, surprisingly generous... Among them, Olivia Putman, Eric Bottero, Richard Orlinski, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Jerome Mesnager, Carlos Cruz-Diez and others, have agreed to join this solidarity action.

Chanel par Karl Lagerfeld - Lot n°14 La petite Coco

Globally known fashion Houses like Dior, Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci, Lanvin, but also independent designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexis Mabille, Chantal Thomass, invest their talents to the cause. Artists from all over the world also contribute this year with an original work of art: -M- and Lisa Roze Ali Mahdavi, Lorenz Bäumer, Nicolas Saint Gregoire... 

Nicolas Saint Grégoire - Lot N°34 Eugénie

This year's exhibition will be held from November 26 to December 1 at the Petit Palais, a loyal partner of the event. The auction of these works, organized by Artcurial will be held on December 2 at 20:00 at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, a new partner of the event, and will be relayed through internet auctions Figaro.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Lot n°33 Yvette

If you go to the event's website, you can read more about each work of art (not all of them are dolls) and find out about the artist and the inspiration behind it. There is also an iOS app, a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. Warning: it's all in French.

Chantal Thomass - Lot n°11 Paris, c'est une brune