Happy 61st birthday Barbie!

It’s the 61st birthday for the famous fashion doll, Barbie, or Barbara Millicent Roberts, as is her full name. To honour the anniversary, let’s check out some collector Barbies that were unveiled these past few days.

First up is the Japanese Barbie Convention 2020 doll. The convention was cancelled due to coronavirus, but the doll will be sent to those that were to attend. Designed by Carlyle Nuera, she is a vision in red. The concept for convention Barbies this year is Chromatic Couture and Japan got the red one. The sculpt is madam LaVinia and she’s dressed in a faux leather bralette, satin palazzo pants and a red tulle bodysuit. Her hair and make up are all red too. This is my favourite of the two convention dolls.

The second doll is the Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2020 exclusive Barbie, unveiled this past weekend in Paris. She’s in total blue, part of the Chromatic Couture concept. Again designed by Carlyle Nuera, she has the Mari face sculpt and is dressed in a high-low bubble hem gown with puff sleeves made of two-tone metallic blue taffeta, with a powder tulle blue overlay and clear blue jewellery & shoes. Her make up and hair are all in shades of blue.


And finally, sketches of some of the last BFMC dolls were revealed in the past days. This collection is on its last year and Rober Best is trying to end it in the best possible way. The first one is Best To A Tea. She’s wearing a Chanel style suit. We have seen lots of them on Silkstone dolls and they are all lovely, so I guess this one will be too.


There will be a giftset released too, named The Best Look - a play on the designer’s name perhaps? The sketches look gorgeous, even though the outfits look a lot like past releases. A redhead in grey or black will look smashing. Wondering if she will be in the latest, articulated Silkstone body or the original one. I know most BFMC collectors would prefer the latter.